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1 unit individual pack

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Sleep Armour Disposable Pillow Protector is made using multiple layers of spunbond non-woven filtration fabric that is water-impermeable, water repellent, antimicrobial and breathable.

The disposable pillow protector is fabricated with ultrasonic welding/bonding technology, thereby eliminating the holes from sewing needles.

Thus, all seams of the disposable pillow protector are leak proof from allergens and moisture. The disposable pillow protector includes a compatible opening for a pillow to be inserted inside.

The opening can be sealed with strips of double-sided adhesive tape covered with easy peel-off liners bonded to the opening, thus making it ready to use and seal after a pillow is inserted inside.

To seal the opening is just an easy simply process. This disposable pillow protector provides a sterile barrier around the pillow to prevent user (sleeper) in contact with allergens, contaminants and infectious diseases.

This innovative product is originated and manufactured in our own workshop located in the City of Markham, Ontario. Proudly made in Canada.

All Intelligent Properties including patent rights will be strictly enforced.

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