About Us


Sleep Armour believes everyone should be able to sleep in an environment that’s clean and free from allergens. Our mission is to empower travelers, holidaymakers, hospital patients, and those suffer from allergies with a practical and cost-effective hygienic pillow protector that can prevent the risk of being contacted vulnerably with allergens or infectious diseases during their sleep on pillow.

Pillows used in households and variety of public accommodation facilities (hotels, hospitals, Airbnb, cruises, guestroom, rental cottages, etc.) can be sources of allergens (ex. dust mite, bacteria, etc.) that trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related diseases.

Our patent-pending Disposable Hygienic and Anti-Allergenic Pillow Protector is an engineered barrier to protect you from common allergens found in or on pillows. All designs and product developments are originated and manufactured in the City of Markham, Ontario. Proudly made in Canada.

Our innovative pillow protector is breathable, soft, noiseless, skin friendly, and quality meets PPE Level 2 Standard (ANSI/AAMI PB70). You are assured you will have cozy, hygienic and worry-free sleeping pillow surface possible.

Whether you sleep on your own pillow at home, or you occasionally sleep away from home on shared pillows provided by public accommodation facilities, Sleep Armour has got you and your pillow well covered!