Sleep Armour - Disposable Pillow Protector

Sleep Armour - Disposable Pillow Protector

Worry Free Sleep

PPE Level 2 Standards

Ultrasonic technology with secure sealing

A sterilized protective barrier that prevents allergens, bacteria, dust mites, contaminants and moisture from passing through or being airborne from pillow.

Background Information

Sleep Armour Disposable Hygienic and Anti-Allergenic Pillow Protector is specially engineered to provide a protective barrier between the user from the pillow.

The material is customized to meet stringent PPE parameters with the properties to prevent moisture (waterproof), contaminants, allergens, dust mites and microbes to pass through, yet remain breathable and comfortable to be slept on.

This disposable pillow protector is great for encasing pillows that are provided by public accommodation facilities such as hotels, hospitals, long term care facilities, camps, cottages, guestroom, etc. Product development and design are originated in the city of Markham, product is made in Canada.

Sleep Armour- Water Proof Pillow Protector
Sleep Armour- Best Waterproof Pillow Protector

Disposable Pillow Protector- A Proven Barrier From Allergens and Dust mites

Are you looking for a proven barrier from dust mites and allergens? Use Sleep Armour disposable pillow protectors! We aim to help users enjoy a worry-free, safe, and hygienic sleeping experience. Our pillow protectors are manufactured using ultrasonic technology with secure sealing. It makes our pillow protectors a sterilized protective barrier against allergens, dust mites, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Sleep Armour Dust Mites Proof Pillow Protector for Hygienic Sleep

Sleep Armour Dust Mites proof pillow protectors are uniquely designed using multiple layers of spun-bond non-woven filtration fabric. Fabricated with ultrasonic welding and bonding technology, our pillow protectors do not have holes from sewing needles. Secure sealing from all sides makes our pillow protectors a sterilized protective barrier to prevent dust mites and contaminants.

Get Maximum Protection with the Best Anti Allergy Pillow Protector

Never sacrifice health over comfort! When sleeping at home and in shared accommodation, consider using the best anti allergy pillow protector! Sleep Armour pillow protectors provide an optimal sleeping experience with maximum protection against allergens and dust mites. Using our uniquely designed pillow protectors, you can enjoy ultimate sleeping comfort anywhere without worrying about pillow hygiene.